Tybo 2  is a Colluvium/Alluviul  20 acre placer claim  located in Nye County Nevada just west of Warm Springs. the claim gets its colluvium layers of minerals from the drainages of the many Gold, Silver and Copper mines up the canyon that were worked as early as 1875 . Also mercury from cinnabar ores  was mined up canyon for a period of time . The Colluvium because the top 2-5' is a secondary layer of mostly the sulfide ores. it is a newer  sediment deposit overlaying the older ancient alluvial gravels .  Mining articles state the early miners in Tybo in 1880 were unable to  process the sulfide ores witch in turn with such a narrow canyon were just washed down to where they are today from all points of the canyon,  including the processing areas at the mouth of the tybo canyon that are under claim by others . sampling showed  small specs of amalgamated gold/mercury along with silver, copper bits  and tons of Pyrite /Sulfides . this claim can be accessed easily by the  dirt road cut through the upper portion of the claim with easy digging for classifying material down .the stream is most likely seasonal as there was no running water in early October . tybo is fairly remote with Rachel, Nevada and Tonopah, Nevada being its closest sources for food and gas. its  a neat little claim with potential .
$ 4500.00

Amalgamated Gold
Colluvium Gold /Silver Deposit
Mining Claim For sale
Tybo Nevada Mining claim