A 20.66 acre unpatented Lode Mining Claim located in the Heart of the World Famous Royston Hills Mining District . Claim has good access , about 20 minutes from Tonopah, Nevada. I have spent a few weekends here surface prospecting the old dumps on the claim and some picking in the incline shafts. absolutley beautiful color running throughout the shaft , although everything that is blue and green is not Turquoise , they are the  indicators of the famous Royston Turquoise that is to be found on the claim.mining out the beautiful veins exposed is what would be done to find turquoise on the claim .I have found some small pieces of turquoise on my trips to the claim but turquoise has to be mined and earth has to be moved . you could stay small scale and prospect under casual use  on the exposed dumps and also in the incline shaft showm in pics , or permit the property with the BLM and open up the ground and hit it with some large earth moving equipment . This area has been worked  on and off for numerous generations  . its just an awesome claim with tons of potential , small or larger scale .