LEX 4  20 acre placer mining claims located just outside the South east end of the Great Basin National park . usgs  reports  commodities in Platinum,Palladium,gold  being found  in stream samples done in 1984 by nevada Bureau of mines Geologists Deposit ID 10046554.  lexington creek runs through the claim and is an old  stream channel but  there was no water in October and not sure if there is water evey year or wet years only .pruess lake is just off the highway before heading up the road to claim for some panning water or bring some in with a panning tub as we did   .intial geological reports stated  no known source for the precious metals but  some of our small samples clearly show it still in the host granite (magnified to show detail ) they were small and also showed  that it has not traveled very far from the source. there is granite boulder erosion throughout the alluvial deposits. road access is good and plenty of places to camp during seasonal times when the snow is gone .