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The Mountain Man Mine is a 20 acre unpatented lode mining claim  located in the Granite Mining District of Utah on the SE slope of the Mineral MT. Range in Beaver County. The claim consists of (2) adits  accessing well structured tunnels, numerous prospects and topo map showed a shaft that was more than likely filled in by the old claim holders or the blm .  the two adits left are well hidden and just big enough to access . The upper tunnel we sampled back 800 feet and it keeps going,(plenty to explore).beautiful sulfide Hydrothermal deposits ,copper , iron oxides, and other high mineralization . evidence in tunnel shows high grading in this area looks to be a stoping area being  started .  the lower tunnel we accessed for about 1000'  to a cave in .took a few samples and pictures , this is where the ore was sampled and assayed to show after roasting that it carried some Gold, platinum, silver  . both portals would need to be cleared for a good passage .Formerly part of the historic King of the Hills Claim group that consisted of 22 +claims. reports state over 3000+ of underground workings that date back to early 1900's. until your ready to start doing more serious mining , leaving access to tunnels smaller keeps most people out of your mine.  its a 5 minute ride by atv to lower tunnel ,then a steeper hike to upper tunnel as the old road was built in the wash and has long since been eroded . this mine  is  host to very nice mineralogy. miners graffitti was dating back to 1917 in the lower tunnel . can send small ore samples to seriously interested individuals for inspection. processes other than gravity seperation may be be needed for precious metal recovery such as flotation, leaching, roasting etc. due dilligence is expected . 

$ 9500


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