*80 Acre Placer Gold  Mining claim group. 

 *Osceola Mining District of Nevada.

 * Alluvial fan deposit of the Historic Mary Ann Canyon placers .

$ 28,000.00

The Placers of Mary Ann canyon are also known as the Hogum placers. these deposits were discovered after the original Osceola deposits in the District .The Gold bearing gravels are said to be up to a few hundred feet deep and several false bedrock layers . the placers were mined by sinking shafts and following the pay layers throughout the gravel channels . Modern mining in the area have recovered Gold using Tromel and sluicing setups with re-circulating water storage .  these claims  currently have no water on them. the property is large enough for a bigger placer operation if permits for mining operations other than casual use and water are  permitted , prospecting has been done using reciculating sluices after classifying . there are gold operations north and east of the claim group and gold is said to be fine grained as we have found as well .  the 80 acres are (4) contiguous 20 acre claims and may be bought or sold individually if needed .